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  • Vendor neutral archive server: Installed on your hardware, hosted inside your clinic, Lightning fast image storage and retrieval via your local network, fully managed by our staff. Capable of storing millions of studies for as long as you wish. Exceeding your state retention regulation. Giving you complete ownership and control over your images without the overhead.

  • Patient & provider portal: Provide secure access to images and reports for patients and other providers . HTML links may be placed into any electronic health record to provide access to patients' images and reports. The online portal is hosted in our data center, shielding your in-house server and providing real-time access to it.

  • Workstation: For viewing studies inside your facility, unlimited number of workstations. Lightning fast image search and access via your local network. Workstations can communicate with each other directly and exchange studies on your local network.

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    On-premise PACS: Host your own dedicated, fully managed, redundant, on-site PACS servers. Provide real-time access to your images securely via our cloud-based portal. Inside your facility, you will experience lightning fast image storage and retrieval via your local network. Our service is a turnkey Solution. Our pricing includes Day-to-day management, maintenance, and support. For a small monthly fee we offer a combined suite of products and services comparable to the market leaders, yet for a very low total cost of ownership.

  • Three easy steps to get started.

  • Architecture: In-clinic PACS Server. Cloud web portal !

  • Contact us:  (410) 988-7777

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