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XRayline service

We provision and host your server in the cloud - Cost is a monthly service fee of $39 Plus 65 Cents one time fee per stored study for cloud archiving. That covers the following components.

Archive server:
Your own dedicated enterprise server hosted in the cloud.
Studies will be stored for 7 years from the day they are uploaded, while you have an active account.
Users can access studies online via the internet using the portal.

(Optional add on on-premise server for an extra $10 per month)
Studies can be stored on your on-premise server for as long as you wish. Even if you cancel your account, your DICOM files remain on your server intact. Modalities can send studies quickly to the on-premise server and it will synchronize with the cloud server in the back ground. Users can retrieve studies from the on-premise server using our workstation or any other DICOM workstation, such as eFilm, RadiAnt, Osirix, Santesoft, etc.

Online Portal:
The Portal is hosted and maintained centrally in our tier IV data center.

FDA Compliant Workstation:
Unlimited seat license to access your in-house server. Users will be able to search, retrieve, view, and send studies.

No need for network changes inside the clinic.
No need for a web server.
No need for reconfiguring your router's fire wall.
No need for opening port 80 and 443, or forwarding the ports to the server.
No need for ssl certificate.
No need for a static IP.
No need for a registered domain name.
Load balancing and fail over is provided by our portal infrastructure.


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