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  • Xrayline is not a 100% on-site solution.
  • Xrayline is not a 100% cloud-based solution.
  • Xrayline is both. You will have your own on-site, dedicated, PACS archive server that joins our secure cloud, and becomes seamlessly and securely accessible online via www.xrayline.com

  • Xrayline suite of products combines the benefits of both on-site installation, and Cloud computing, by utilizing web services and distributed computing. your own dedicated PACS, archive server is fully installed, maintained, and supported remotely on your hardware, and inside your facility. Your image files stay with you. Yet our cloud, portal engine cluster is hosted in our data center. Its the brain of the system. It handles the actuall processing, for example, Database storage and retrieval, image compression and retrieval, security, user roles, encryption, load balancing, fail over, etc. Our software as a Service solution offers you the software, plus support, maintenance, monitoring, and administration. That gives you an instant return on investment from day one. We priced our package of the software and the service to be less than competitor's support plans, making our solution suitable for small and large installations alike. And also making our solution attractive for a host of purposes:

    • As a primary PACS
    • Backup and instantly available disaster recovery.
    • Online patient portal add on.
    • Online referring physician and reading physicians portal add on.
    • Radiology data warehouse that spans multiple facilities, even in large numbers.


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