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PACS Archive server: Xrayline installs A large capacity, PACS archive server, inside your clinic, capable of storing up to hundreds of thousands of studies, for as long as you wish, accessible with a web browser from anywhere, via our secure site "www.xrayline.com" . You can push studies directly to it (Search, retrieve) from any modality or other vendor's workstation, kpacs, efilm, osirix, etc.

Online Cloud Portal: distributed cloud computing technology that will benefit your patients, referring physicians, radiologists, and radiology center administrators in several ways:

  • Build customer loyalty: Referring physicians and patients.
  • Reduce turn around time, and improve workflow.
  • Improve your existing PACS, facilitate communication and collaboration; securely.
  • Each party will have secure and proper access privileges to their studies; only their studies.
  • Powerful and easy online administration console that facilitates the following:
    • Administrators can assign work lists to radiologists quickly and easily.
    • Studies are automatically linked with a quick and easy online setup process, so Referring physicians can see their studies without a manual assignment process for each and every study.
    • Manual override capability if the information that came from the modality is inaccurate.

PACS Workstation: is a powerful and intuitive PACS, DICOM viewer. It is suitable for use by radiologists and referring physicians. In addition to its numerous powerful viewing capabilities, it has an embedded personal PACS archive server ; with which you can store, forward, query and retrieve studies from modalities or other PACS servers. XRAYLINE workstation is a DICOM viewer and a personal archive server at the same time on your local machine.

XRAYLINE can be your primary PACS and Portal, or it can add Portal functionality to your primary PACS.

  • Fine grained security model lets each referring physician gain access only to his referred studies, each reading radiologist get write access only to his work list studies.
  • If patients are granted access, each patient will get access only to his studies.
  • Efficient online registration and verification process for portal services, with minimal involvement from your staff.
  • The capability to handle and load balance the vast number of requests hitting the servers, made by patients and their care takers.


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